WiLine 15

Car phone holder with 15W wireless Qi charging function for compatible smartphones. Attachment via innovative hook mount for the ventilation grille incl. USB-C charging cable.
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Safe operation

With this inductive charger, your Qi-compatible smartphone is safely charged while driving – without any cable clutter or driver distraction. The charger can always be aligned at the optimum viewing angle thanks to the ball head mount.

Quick and easy one-handed operation

You can insert the smartphone and close the holding arms with one hand. The mechanical spring system makes this quick and easy. Both holding arms are rubberised on the inside and guarantee a scratch-free and secure hold of the smartphone. All smartphones with a width of 55mm to 89mm can be used.

A light press on the release button automatically opens the arms, allowing the smartphone to be safely removed. The adjustment rail on the lower edge allows you to make a one-time adjustment of the insertion height to suit your smartphone model. The charging process begins as soon as the smartphone is inserted into the holder and the device is supplied with power.

Extra secure fastening

The innovative hook lock attaches the cradle very securely and gently to the ventilation grille. The hook rail is extended by up to 30mm by means of an adjusting wheel, hooked in behind the slats, horizontally or vertically as required, and tightened again. The ball head mount now sits bomb-proof on the ventilation grille. The mount is compatible with most car models with straight louvre slots.

By positioning it in front of the ventilation outlet, the mobile phone is also additionally cooled during long navigation journeys, thus preventing the risk of overheating.

Discreet function indicator

The discreet indicator LED on the underside lights up red in standby and blue in operation without disturbing or distracting while driving. If a foreign object is detected or the smartphone is not wireless-chargeable, the indicator flashes alternately red/blue.

The cradle and the USB-C cable are included in the scope of delivery.

More Information
Input voltage 5 - 12V DC
Max. input current 2 A
Max. Eingangsleistung 24 W
Port USB type C
Output voltage 5 - 9V DC
Max. output current 1,67 A
Maximum power 15 W
Average operational efficiency 75,0 %
Efficiency at low load 65,0 %
Color black
Storage temperature -20 - 60 °C
Operating temperature -10 - 40 °C

Charging currents

5W5,0 V1,0 A5,0 W
7,5W7,5 V1,0 A7,5 W
10W9,0 V1,1 A10,0 W
15W9,0 V1,7 A15,0 W
Qi charger, ventilation grille mount, USB-C cable, operating instructions, warranty certificate.
1000-0033 | WiLine 15 | pdf
1000-0033 | WiLine 15 | pdf