Unleash the full power for your adventures!

The ANSMANN powerstation can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is the portable socket, the power bank for all devices, the helper in an emergency in case of power failure, the power supply for your garden shed or on holiday. The applications are almost unlimited.



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Rechargeable batteries

AA, AAA, C, D or 9V E-block. Li-Ion, NiMH or NiZn rechargeable batteries.


Batteries for every application. Whether lithium or alkaline, AA or AAA.


Round cell battery, USB, car, Qi charger and travel plug.


Torches, hand lamps, work lamps, headlamps.


Powerful energy supply for on the go.


Battery-powered power source for any place, any time.


Cable with matching plug for USB, Micro USB, USB Type C, Lightning.

Children's nightlights

Star lights, cuddly lights and sleep aids for children & babies.

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Our aim is to make your everyday life easier with mobile energy.

Daily tasks should not rob us of energy. With energy-efficient products and technologies, we make your everyday life easier and thus contribute to a better quality of life.