ALCS 2-24A

Plug-in charger for maintenance-free 2V, 6V, 12V or 24V lead-acid, lead-gel and lead-mat rechargeable batteries from 1.3Ah
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In-car charger for maintenance-free lead or lead-gel rechargeable batteries

2V, 6V, 12V or 24V lead batteries (such as those used in cars, boats, motorbikes, scooters, drive-on gardening tools or children's vehicles) can be charged.
Quick and reliable contact can be made with the lead batteries thanks to the pole clamps.
The battery voltage is set automatically. The ALCS 2-24A is protected against short-circuits and reverse polarity.

Automatic charge current detection

The charge current is 900mA at 2V, 700mA at 6V, 600mA at 12V and 300mA at 24V. Charging is implemented in accordance with the I-V characteristic curve. There is overcharging protection thanks to the latest charging technology.
As a result, the unit does not have to be immediately disconnected from the rechargeable battery and the maintenance charging keeps the batteries fresh.

In addition to the actual charging, the ALCS 2-24 A is also ideally suited for maintenance charging. The battery can remain connected to the charger throughout the winter.
This prevents deep discharge. Batteries for motorbikes, motorboats, lawnmowers, etc. can thus survive the winter and be ready for use at any time.
Of course, the same also applies to an intermediate charge as soon as the battery becomes weak or has not been used for a longer period of time.

More Information
Input voltage 230V AC
suitable for Lead Acid / SLA
Akkukapazität 1,3 Ah
Max. output current 0,9 A

2V: 900mA
6V: 700mA
12V: 600mA
24V: 300mA

Functions Automatic voltage detection, Charge current control, Overcharging protection
Color black
Packaging cardboard box
Storage temperature -25 - 70 °C
Operating temperature 0 - 25 °C
ALCS 2-24A with pole clamps and operating instructions
9164016 | ALCS 2-24A | pdf
9164016 | ALCS 2-24A | pdf