BC 6-12V / 1 A

5-stage car charger with automatic voltage detection for 6V and 12V lead-acid, lead-gel and lead-fleece batteries
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Intelligent and safe charging control

With numerous features, our 5-stage BC 6-12V / 1 A charger ensures safe and gentle charging of lead batteries with a capacity of 4 - 30 Ah. It guarantees optimal performance and long battery life.

The charger is dust-tight and protected against water jets (IP65) and has the following electrical safety features: reverse polarity protection, overcharge protection, deep discharge protection and short circuit protection.

In addition, our intelligent charger is suitable for standby/parallel operation and can remain connected to the battery continuously. It will maintain its full charge, even if the battery is being charged/discharged at the same time.

After connecting the battery, the charger automatically detects the voltage of the battery (6V or 12V). The LED indicator flashes green during the charging process and is permanently green when the battery is fully charged.

Fully automatic, intelligent 5-step charging

1. Battery check: After selecting the charging mode, the charger checks the status of the battery.
2. Desulphation: Pulsing current and voltage dissolves the sulphate from the battery's lead plates to restore maximum battery capacity.
3. Main charge: Constant-current charge with the maximum charge current.
4. Voltage check: Battery charge level check.
5. Maintenance charge: If necessary, a pulsed maintenance charge takes place, preventing the battery from discharging.

More Information
Input voltage 230V AC
suitable for Lead-acid, lead-gel and lead-fleece batteries
Akkukapazität 4 - 30 Ah
Max. output current 1 A
Functions Automatic voltage detection, LED display, Microprocessor control, Overcharging protection, Short circuit protection
Color black
Packaging cardboard box
Charger, post terminals, ring cable terminals, operating instructions
1001-0142 | BC 6-12V / 1 A | pdf
1001-0142 | BC 6-12V / 1 A | pdf