BC 6-12V / 2 A

8-stage vehicle charger for 6V and 12V lead-acid, lead-gel and lead-mat batteries, as well as 12V LiFePO4 batteries
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Intelligent and safe charging control

With numerous features, our 8-stage BC 6-12V / 2 A charger ensures safe and gentle charging of lead batteries with a capacity of 4 - 60 Ah. It guarantees optimal performance and long battery life. The "MODE" button can be used to select 3 intelligent charging programmes, each with 2 charging currents.

The charger is dust-tight and protected against water jets (IP65) and has the following electrical safety features: reverse polarity protection, overcharge protection, deep discharge protection and short circuit protection.

In addition, our intelligent charger is suitable for standby/parallel operation and can remain connected to the battery continuously. It will maintain its full charge, even if the battery is being charged/discharged at the same time.

Selectable charging programs:

  • 6V STD or 12V STD: For lead-acid and lead-gel batteries.
  • 12 V LFP: for lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4, LFP)

Charging currents of 1A or 2A can be selected for each charging programme.

Fully automatic, intelligent 8-step charging

1. Battery check: After selecting the charging mode, the charger checks the status of the battery.
2. Desulphation: Pulsing current and voltage dissolves the sulphate from the battery's lead plates to restore maximum battery capacity.
3. Analysis: Switching off the charging current to check the open-circuit voltage.
4. Reactivation charge: resumption of the desulphation in preparation for the main charge.
5. Main charge: Constant-current charge with the maximum charge current.
6. Charge optimisation: The charge current is gradually reduced to reach the max. possible battery capacity.
7. Voltage check: Battery charge level check.
8. Maintenance charge: If necessary, a pulsed maintenance charge takes place, preventing the battery from discharging.

More Information
Input voltage 230V AC
suitable for Lead Acid / SLA
Akkukapazität 4 - 60 Ah
Max. output current 2 A
Functions Automatic voltage detection, LED display, Microprocessor control, Overcharging protection, Short circuit protection
Color black
Packaging cardboard box
Charger, post terminals, ring cable terminals, operating instructions
1001-0143 | BC 6-12V / 2 A | pdf
1001-0143 | BC 6-12V / 2 A | pdf