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Intelligent USB-PD charger 45 W for laptops, smartphones, tablets and other USB devices
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USB PD charger from ANSMANN with GAN technology with 2 USB ports and a power of max. 45 W. The ideal charging solution for demanding applications, such as ultra-fast charging and powering of compatible laptops or powerbanks. Backwards compatible with all USB charging applications.

Thanks to the new GAN technology, the charger can be made much more compact and thus fits easily into any pocket. The intelligent charging control and Multisafe technology optimises and safeguards your use. Very low stand-by consumption makes this charger not only efficient, but also economical.

More Information
Input voltage 110 - 240V AC
Max. input current 1 A
AC frequency 60Hz / 50Hz
Port USB type C, USB-A
Output voltage 5 - 20V DC
Max. output current 3 A
Maximum power 45 W
Functions Overcurrent protection, Overvoltage protection, Short circuit protection, Temperature control
Charging protocol USB, Power Delivery Profile 3
USB-Ports 2
Average operational efficiency 80,9 %
Efficiency at low load 73,5 %
Power consumption at no load 0,290 W
Color black
Packaging cardboard box
Storage temperature -25 - 70 °C
Operating temperature -20 - 35 °C

Charging currents

ModeVoltage rangeCurrentPower
USB-C5,0 V DC3,0 A15,0 W
USB-C9,0 V DC3,0 A27,0 W
USB-C12,0 V DC3,0 A36,0 W
USB-C15,0 V DC3,0 A45,0 W
USB-C20,0 V DC2,3 A45,0 W
USB-A5,0 V DC2,4 A12,0 W
USB-A + USB-C: USB-C5,0 V DC3,0 A15,0 W
USB-A + USB-C: USB-C9,0 V DC3,0 A27,0 W
USB-A + USB-C: USB-C12,0 V DC2,5 A30,0 W
USB-A + USB-C: USB-C15,0 V DC2,0 A30,0 W
USB-A + USB-C: USB-C20,0 V DC1,5 A30,0 W
USB-A + USB-C: USB-A5,0 V DC2,4 A12,0 W
PPS5,9 - 11 V DC3,0 A33,0 W
Home Charger 245PD, manual
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