Powerbank 40000 mAh

Durable powerbank with power delivery, LED lamp and waterproof casing
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The ANSMANN Waterproof Powerbank - a portable power station

Equipped with 40000 mAh capacity, meaning all your devices can maintain their power. The ANSMANN Powerbank can easily charge the latest iPhone 15 Pro ten times, tablets four times, MacBooks twice, and the Switch 6.5 times. Suitable for anyone with multiple electronic devices who is always on the go. With 2 USB-C ports and 2 USB-A ports, this compact power station can power up to 4 devices simultaneously. The maximum output power is 100W.

Everything at a glance

The integrated TFT-LCD display allows the voltage, power, and current to be monitored in a clear and intuitive manner. You can also check the temperature and remaining battery life at a glance!

Perfectly protected

Unlike many other power banks, this one is IP67 water- and dust-resistant. It can even be dropped into water without any issues. It also features a two-layer aluminium casing, making it drop-resistant as well. When not in use, the connections are protected against light splashes of water and dirt by a rubberised flap.

Quickly recharged

Charge your power bank via the USB-C port at up to 100W, and it will be fully recharged and ready to use in 3 hours.

Helper in the dark

The 5W LED lamp provides glare-free light, offering around 500 lumens for effective navigation in nearby spaces, lighting up small areas, or as a guiding light. The ring light can also double as a camping lantern.

Multi-Safe technology

The media constantly carries warnings about cheap products that start to burn or even explode without warning. You're on the safe side with ANSMANN. The integrated over-charging protection ensures that the Powerbank stops the charge process automatically once charging has been successfully completed. The deep discharge protection switches the Powerbank off as soon as the voltage of the Powerbank drops below a defined value when charging the connected device, thus preventing damage to both the rechargeable battery and the product. The short-circuit protection completes the safety functions and ensures maximum safety along with the automatic shut-off.

More Information
Input ports USB type C
Output ports USB type C, USB-A
Energy 154 Wh
Output voltage 5 - 20V DC
Functions LCD display, Overcharging protection, Overcurrent protection, Overvoltage protection, Short circuit protection, Temperature control
Max. output current 5 A
Max. input current 5 A
Charging cycles 300
Input voltage 5 - 20V DC
Cell chemistry Lithium polymer
Nominal voltage 15,4 V
Nominal capacity 40000 mAh
Maximum power 100 W
Max. Eingangsleistung 100 W
Color silver
Storage temperature -20 - 40 °C
Operating temperature -10 - 40 °C

Charging currents

ModeVoltageVoltage rangeCurrentPower
USB-A5,0 V3,0 A15,0 W
USB-A9,0 V2,0 A18,0 W
USB-A12,0 V1,5 A18,0 W
USB-C1 PD5,0 V3,0 A15,0 W
USB-C1 PD9,0 V3,0 A27,0 W
USB-C1 PD12,0 V3,0 A36,0 W
USB-C1 PD15,0 V3,0 A45,0 W
USB-C1 PD20,0 V5,0 A100,0 W
USB-C2 PD5,0 V3,0 A15,0 W
USB-C2 PD9,0 V3,0 A27,0 W
USB-C2 PD12,0 V2,5 A30,0 W
USB-C2 PD15,0 V2,0 A30,0 W
USB-C2 PD20,0 V1,5 A30,0 W
USB-C1 PPS3,3 - 11 V DC3,0 A33,0 W
USB-C1 PPS3,3 - 21 V DC1,5 A31,5 W
USB-C2 PPS3,3 - 11 V DC3,0 A33,0 W
USB-C2 PPS3,3 - 21 V DC1,5 A31,5 W
Power bank, USB-C cable, user manual, warranty card